What does this privacy policy cover ?

Gravity R&D takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy governs and details the main privacy principles we apply to the data we collect through our services.

Gravity R&D services

Gravity R&D is a specialist in creating personalized web page experience and personalized advertisements. We work with online partners to make their website personalized for their visitors and also to display personalized advertisements for their visitors or prospects on publisher's website.

Our aim is to deliver personalized experience (including advertisements) by displaying products and/or personalized banners that you might be interested in, based on your recent browsing behavior. In practical terms, you visit and browse on Website A and, on a subsequent online visit to Website B, you will see ads personalized by your browsing history on Website A. With our service, you should receive personalized ads that are more relevant for you than the standard advertising you would receive without Gravity R&D.

Data collection and use

We do not know who you are. We collect and use anonymous data relating to your browsing behavior to display personalized advertisements.

We collect anonymous information

We collect only anonymous data through anonymous cookies that record:

BUT We do not collect any personal information

User choices

If you do not want to receive ads targeted and personalized by Gravity R&D, you can disable the tracking and targeting by Gravity R&D here.

Tracking is disabled currently. You can it.
Tracking is enabled currently. You can it.

Please note: This opt-out relies on a cookie, so if you wipe all your cookies, we will no longer know that you have opted out.

You can configure your web browser to remove cookies by following the directions provided in your Internet browser's "help" section.

Please note: when you opt out in these ways, a cookie will be set on your browser. We must maintain the cookie on your browser in order to recognize you as an opted-out visitor. You must opt out again if you clear that cookie from your browser, use a different internet browser, or use a new computer to access the internet.

If your browser is sending the “Do Not Track” HTTP header then Gravity R&D automatically switch every tracking and targeting off.

Our Technology

We collect information via anonymous cookies placed in your browser. Gravity R&D “tags” visitors to its partners' websites with anonymous browser cookies. Users tagged by Gravity R&D are given an anonymous identifier. At no point does Gravity R&D collect personal data, such as your name or address. The browser cookies track the products viewed by the visitor and pages visited of the partner for whom Gravity R&D is delivering ads.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browsing application (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. There are two types of cookies:

Our partners’ advertisements are displayed on many websites (called publishers). These publishers may also place cookies on your browser. These cookies are there so that the publishers recognize that Gravity R&D has a personalized advertisement available for your browser.  

Data security and retention

The security of your information is fundamental to Gravity R&D. We have implemented industry-standard security measures, which include employing state-of-the art firewalls on our networks, high-strength encryption mechanisms, and frequent security audits. We retain the anonymous data that we collect for up to 2 years from the date of collection. Our cookies expire 2 years after their last update. IP addresses are retained for 2 months. The IP address is processed by teams separate to those responsible for the Gravity R&D algorithm.

Control on your own data

Gravity R&D is an advocate of greater transparency and control for users. We are happy to provide you any information about data stored about your browsing session or help you to get more insight about our tracking and targeting methodology. Our ads are containing an icon with a direct link to Gravity R&D’s opt out page.

Contact us

For any questions on this privacy policy, you can contact by email: